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Keeping your pets safe during July 4th fireworks

Did you know more pets go missing over holidays that include fireworks than any other time? DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG WITH YOU TO YOUR LOCAL FIREWORKS SHOW!!

Keeping pets safe over the 4th of July is crucial because the holiday often involves fireworks, loud noises, and potential hazards that can be distressing and dangerous for animals. Here are some tips to help ensure the safety of your pets during this holiday:

1. Keep pets indoors: Keep your pets inside the house during the 4th of July celebrations. The loud noises from fireworks can frighten animals, and they may try to escape or get lost in an attempt to find a safe place.

2. Create a safe space: Set up a quiet and comfortable area in your home where your pets can retreat to if they feel scared or overwhelmed. Make sure this space is familiar to them and includes their favorite toys and bedding.

3. Provide distractions: Distract your pets from the loud noises by turning on the TV or playing soothing music at a reasonable volume. The background noise can help muffle the sound of fireworks.

4. Avoid fireworks around pets: Never set off fireworks or firecrackers near your pets. The noise and bright lights can cause distress and even harm them. Additionally, some pets may be curious and try to investigate, leading to potential burns or injuries.

5. ID tags and microchips: Ensure your pets are wearing collars with identification tags that have your current contact information. In case they do get scared and escape, this increases the chances of being reunited with them. Microchipping your pets is also a good idea, as it provides a more permanent form of identification.

6. Secure outdoor areas: If you're having a party or hosting guests outdoors, make sure your pets are in a secure area or kept on a leash. This prevents them from running away or being exposed to potentially hazardous substances like food scraps or alcohol.

7. Monitor food and drinks: Keep an eye on your pets around food and drinks, as some human treats can be harmful to animals. Chocolate, alcohol, and certain fruits are just a few examples of foods that can be toxic to pets.

8. Have a recent photo: Have a recent photo of your pets on hand in case they do go missing. This can be helpful when creating missing pet posters or for sharing on social media to aid in their safe return.

9. Stay calm and relaxed: Pets can pick up on your emotions, so try to stay calm and relaxed during the festivities. This may help your pets feel more at ease.

10. Consider anxiety remedies: If your pet is particularly anxious during the 4th of July, consult with your veterinarian about potential anxiety remedies or medications that may help them cope better with the stress.

By taking these precautions, you can help ensure that your pets have a safe and stress-free 4th of July celebration.

Michelle Roetto




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