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 Melissa Professional Pet Care Services

Pet Sitting in Melissa


 Our Melissa Pet Sitters specialize in personalized

pet care that keeps your pet's relaxed

and happy while you're away.

No more guilt about leaving them behind because

our dedicated team ensures top-quality care.

With us, it's not just pet care – it's peace of mind for you and happiness for your beloved pets. Our mission: prioritize your pet's well-being and joy!

 We bring the love and comfort of home to your pets while you're away. We understand the importance of their routines, and we ensure they stay on track. Our unique touch lies in the personal care and attention we provide. Our affectionate pet sitters offer one-on-one companionship, and you'll receive regular updates with heartwarming photos, so you can witness the joy your pets experience. When you prioritize your pets' happiness, think of us.

Our Pet Sitting starts at just $29 per visit, because we're dedicated to making pet dreams a reality!

Playful Black and white dog client of MichelleAt Your Service, Pet Sittingand Dog Walkingcattle dog

Dog Walking in Melissa

 Our Team of Melissa Dog Walkers are your partners in ensuring your dog's well-being while you're at work. We offer walks for dogs of all sizes and breeds that demonstrate good behavior and leash training. When you book a visit with us, you can relax knowing that your dog is under the care of our dedicated Dog Walkers.

 Our dog walkers go beyond being dependable and reliable; they ensure your dog experiences the joys of fresh air, exercise, and a necessary potty break. Along with giving your dog plenty of attention, they handle waste cleanup, provide fresh water and treats, and top it off with delightful photo updates to keep you in the loop about your pup's exciting outings.

Just $27 per visit for a happy, active dog! 

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Michelle At Your Service Dog Walking Client

Cat Sitting in Melissa

When it comes to Cat Sitting, our Melissa Cat Sitters are the "cat's meow!' We share a special bond with our feline pals, and they adore us. With our services, your beloved cat can relax at home, stick to their routine,

and enjoy stress-free pampering.

 We're more than cat sitters; we're dedicated cat enthusiasts. Understanding their unique needs, we ensure your cats are the happiest and healthiest they can be. Our services prioritize your cat's well-being. We offer engaging playtime, cozy cuddles, and meticulous care for their needs. 

 Cat sitting starts at just $29 per visit.

Let us make your cat's dreams come true,

one purr at a time!

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Persian Cat client of Michelle At Your Service Pet Sitting and Dog Walkingnamed Whiskey being petted

Tucked in for the Night
(an alternative to an Overnight) in Melissa

We offer the perfect solution for your pet's

night-time needs, Tucked in for the Night.

Our dedicated Melissa Pet Sitters ensure that your beloved pets are comfortably settled in for the night right within the comfort of their own home. You can relax and unwind, knowing that your pets will have the company they crave, stick to their established routines, and receive abundant attention, playtime, and affectionate cuddles.

Our "Tucked in for the Night" service is a fantastic alternative to traditional overnight stays. With 2 hours of one-on-one time dedicated solely to your pet, they will follow their usual routine and have the comforting presence of a companion from 7pm to 9pm. It's the perfect way to ensure your pet feels secure and cared for throughout the evening. Choose this service to give your pet the cozy and personalized attention they deserve.

Tucked In for the Night Service $90

The dog lies under the covers. The golden retriever sleeps under a white blanket

All of our Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers are Employees of Michelle At Your Service.

We are Fully Insured, Bonded, and CPR/First Aid Certified.

Melissa, Texas

Michelle At Your Service Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service area of Melissa
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